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Visor V-Gard, Mesh with Plastic Edge

Visor V-Gard, Mesh with Plastic Edge, Nitrometer, 203mm x 430mm
MSA V-Gard Mesh Visors provide maximum ventilation in humid working conditions. Lightweight and durable - great for outdoor applications such as brush clearing and trimming. Ideal combination with helmet-mounted ear muffs.

CODE: 40816-MSA


    Wide face coverage
    Can be perfectly combined with helmet-mounted ear muffs
    Special visors, called nitrometers, are designed to work with V-Gard Retractable or Standard Chin Protector
    Not for use against splash, impact
    Plastic mesh visors designed for use with V-Gard Frames and V-Gard Headgear
    Aluminium edged mesh visor designed for use with most V-Gard Frames; not recommended for use with V-Gard Metal Frames